Pool Builder Boston can enhance any deck with a beautiful and functional pool. Our specially designed pools create highly aesthetic and luxurious spaces to unwind or get together with family and friends..

Pool Builders Boston can enhance any patio, yard, or deck with a beautiful and functional pool. Our specially designed pools create highly aesthetic and luxurious spaces to unwind or get together with family and friends.

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1. Low Chlorine - Best Pool Builder Boston

A low chlorine level in the pool will leave materials and contaminants unoxidized. It will cause algae growth in the water, leaving a green tint and can cause illnesses.

2. High Alkalinity - Best Pool Builder Boston

Pool Builder Boston measures and balances alkalinity levels in the pool water. High alkaline levels cause the water to turn cloudy due to the high presence of carbonate materials that are not dissolved. As the Total Alkalinity (TA) approaches 130 parts per million (ppm), water scales start to form on the surface of the water,  sides of the pool, and the equipment. This adds to the water’s murkiness and also causes a burning sensation or irritation to the eyes and skin.

3. High pH - Best Pool Builder Boston

A high pH level results in a high alkaline level which then causes cloudiness due to undissolved carbonate materials suspended in the water. This also reduces the effectiveness of the chlorine in killing pathogens. The recommended level is around 7.4-7.6 pH. As the level reaches 8.0 and over, the water becomes murkier and murkier.  

4. High Calcium Hardness - Best Pool Builder Boston 

High calcium hardness, while not a fundamental cause, can be a contributing factor in the reduced clarity of the water. Pool Builder Boston adjusts the hardness level in the pool to prevent calcium build-up to keep the water as clear as possible.

Diagnosing Cloudy Pool Water: Filtration and Circulation

If you have already covered everything in the water chemistry area and the pool is still cloudy, it is imperative at this point to take a look at possible equipment issues. This stage gives you the chance to check if the water is circulated and filtered appropriately. For the water to flow and get filtered properly, you need all the key equipment for the pool. Best Pool Builder Boston will certainly provide them for you.

Best Pool Builder Boston

Satisfactory Water Flow

Pool water needs to "turn over" at a certain rate regularly at intervals (12 hours for home pools). This means that your pump should have the capability to move most of the pool water volume through the circulation system within that time frame. If you have a 24,000-gallon pool and need to do an 8-hour turnover, your pump must be able to move water at a rate of 3000 gallons every hour, or about 50 gallons per minute (GPM).

There are a few issues that can prevent this from happening. First, evaluate if the pump is performing appropriately. At this point, check if the lines are clogged up. Do a manual inspection of the system to verify the water flow, or contact the Best Pool Builder Boston to have it professionally performed.

Sufficient Filtration

After the flow has been taken care of and the water is going through the lines, the filter media should be correctly set to properly sift the particles in the water. If the particles are not filtered, you will have murky pool water. There are a few factors that can cause poor filtration and inevitably cloudy water.

Is the water properly flowing through the filter media?

Verify whether the discharge valve is allowing the water to go through the lines (due to bad o-rings, etc.). Are the lines allowing the water to pass through the filter media? Is there a build-up in the sand filter? Concerning the D.E. filter, there may be tears in the filter grid or cracks in the components, or perhaps the matrices are not positioned properly. The cartridge filter may also have a leak.

If you need further assistance, you can rely on Best Pool Builder Boston to do the job right for you.

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