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Pool Covers Boston

Pool Covers Boston is always developing patterns and designs for pool accessories. The accessories we design depends on your maintenance requirements. We offer the best quality pool covers and support, along with elephant covers to protect the pool more appropriately.

The kinds of pool covers we provide include:

Mesh Covers:

These are pool covers made using a mesh material that is normally tied down to the pool deck. They come in standard sizes, or we can specially craft them for a custom pool shape. Stakes and channels are embedded into the ground to tie down the sides together if the pool does not have a deck. Some mesh pool covers are primarily for safety, while others provide a new look to the swimming pool area.

Solid Fabric Covers:

These are pool covers made of engineered materials, such as polyethylene or vinyl, and held by water cylinders, fences, or rope. The solid fabric covers come in standard sizes or can be customized, just like mesh covers. Their purpose is to keep trash and debris out of the pool and keep the heat.

Solar Pool Covers:

A Solar Pool Cover is primarily meant to keep the pool water heated. It floats above the pool's surface, similar to a standard cover.

Automatic and Manual Safety Covers:

These Pool Covers are intended to meet or surpass ASTM security standards. These covers are meant to be on a track installed along the edges of a pool. They can either be deployed with an automatic, programmed system or by removing manually. The manual covers typically require two individuals to be removed. When deployed correctly, they can withstand the weight of a few people lined up. They can have a recessed track under the deck or a surface mounted track. Even though it is the most expensive type of pool cover, they are generally considered the most effective.

Why Were We Chosen as Having the Best Pool Covers in Boston

We’ve Been in Business for Years

We value responsive assistance, establishing experience, and consistency. Having been in business for over the years, Pool Covers Boston has the expertise to make your pool cover selection and installation a simple and wonderful experience.

As part of our safety responsibility, we install all brands of automatic pool covers and offer the best replacement materials for existing pool covers.

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